Our Story

Vega started with big ideas.

We believed that it was time to redefine architecture — to fully integrate beautiful, highly functional design with rigorous budgetary and planning discipline.

We believed we weren’t the only ones who felt this way. So, we built a team of people who share this urgency to create new ways of designing spaces that are both inspiring and fiscally responsible to the owners.

We focused on these ideas so intensely that we created our own, new approach — [a]VDC, the marriage of architecture and virtual design and construction. We told our clients that [a]VDC is more transparent and more accurate than any design process they had ever experienced.

Then we proved it on real projects. And we’re refining this approach with every new project we take on. Greater accuracy. More detailed planning. Freeing us to create excellent architecture.



Our Skills

It’s not just individual skills that make for great architecture. It’s the intersection of those skills that makes a Vega project special. We don’t do process management in isolation from the creative process or BIM. We know that each of our core skills affects the others on every project.

The four essential skill sets we integrate throughout our work are:



Managing a Vega project to completion is much more than checking off a to-do list or following to a generic process chart. We apply our own approach to due diligence, strict adherence to schedule and rigorous budget tracking to get projects across the finish line. No software package we tried could handle our way of doing this. So, we created our own. We’re finicky that way.


Our proprietary [a]VDC process is what makes Vega…Vega. It enables us to build your project virtually, so you can very accurately see the actual building cost, and so we can identify and eliminate risks before the project is built in the real world. [a]VDC is constantly evolving as we relentlessly add to its capabilities and improve its accuracy. This is architecture for today. And tomorrow.



We look at each project and each client from a variety of perspectives. Because we all want to create unique, uplifting spaces that elevate and strengthen the identity of the user. Spaces that reflect the user’s needs and aspirations, not cookie-cutter solutions that touch everyone but speak to no one.



Designing things is a blast. But so is building them. That’s why we love the science of construction — the “how to make this work” part of our job. Which is closely tied to our innate desire to learn and to ask questions. It’s what drives the technical savvy we simply must have to complete projects that are aesthetically amazing, highly functional and on budget.


Remodel Projects

Average Years of Experience

Ground-Up Projects


Vega Team

David Grooms


Laura J. Yanoviak

Principal + Director of BIM

Jena Yoo

Project Manager

Itzai Bazan

Project Architect

Sharon Otto

Office Manager


Inspiration Provider



Hayden Hirschfeld, AB Hirschfeld & Sons

“David Grooms is sharp and has design vision and conviction, something you want in an architect. He also knows how to communicate…a paramount skill that helped us countless times on our project.”

Charlie Simpson, Project Manager, Spectrum General Contractors

“A good architect from the overall concept to the technical details who understand contraction realities and budget issues”

Mark Melchi, AIA, Vice President

“MAVDevelopment relied upon David Grooms and the Semple Brown team to pull off this challenging historic preservation project. David’s attention detail and commitment to the project were pivotal in making he Wazee Exchange project a success.”

Mark Miller, P.E., RNF Consultants Inc.

“I have enjoyed working with David Grooms as a structural consultant for many years on a variety of projects. He is a competent Architect with an excellent understand of structural requirements”

Ruben Aya-Welland, PE, SE, LEED AP

“David has the unique combined ability to synthesize architectural design concepts with tectonics of building construction practices; this is a skill not always present in today’s marketplace of architectural practice. It is this understanding that yields great benefits for both the elegance and economy of any given project. I have great confidence not only in his technical understanding of building structures, but also in his mature architectural design sensibilities as they relate to the needs of his clients”

Elizabeth Kraft, Construction Manager

“I have worked with David on several challenging projects. In addition to demonstration strong architectural design talent, he properly manages all aspects of a project and has a sound understanding of the construction process. I would strongly recommend David for providing architectural design services.”