[architectural] Virtual Design + Construction

[architectural] Virtual Design + Construction


We searched the market for off-the-shelf technology that would allow our team to forecast construction and design analysis, cost and other project details. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we created our own.

Architectural Virtual Design and Construction [a]VDC models virtual construction at the beginning of the process, not later, when construction and design issues turn into costly delays. We designed it to quickly analyze data and produce quantifiable building costs. So, when you ask how changing the building specifications for your structure will impact the project, we can tell you what design and construction factors are impacted, as well as changes to the timeline and budget.

Result? We help our clients make informed decisions and reduce risk. A more efficient process. Way less stress for everyone. We like that combination.


Imagine seeing your project at completion, before we even break ground. Our Building Information Model [BIM] is the foundation for everything we do at Vega. It’s more than a digital file, 3D models and beautiful renderings: It’s virtual construction.

BIM builds your project, which allows us to not only visualize the final product, but to see the effects of changes in real time, and to plan your actual build more accurately.


How do we know your project is on time and on budget? Target Value Design. It’s how [a]VDC tracks every project detail, in as close to real time as possible. TVD analyzes material and labor costs, breaking everything down for accurate estimating and faster updates to the design team, so they can adjust their production without any delays to your timeline.


You want to make decisions about your project, and know where your money is going. Our Pre-Design process gives you the insight you need – all before a general contractor is on board. This allows you to hire a general contractor for pre-design services, but without being tied to a specific contractor for construction.

But, if a contractor is selected during the design phase, that’s great too. We’ll work with your contractor’s cost information to validate subcontractor bids.


The old way of designing buildings used BIM for design representation, but contractors had to build a new model for construction from scratch anyway. To us, that seemed like a lot of extra work. And a lot of inefficiency. Our models are made to be built into actual projects and used by the contractor once building starts – a major improvement on 2D printed plans.


When the project is complete, we still aren’t finished. [a]VDC exports the facilities management model and connects to the building owner’s operations software, to help the client and their facilities management team manage the building exactly the way we designed it to run.


You don’t like surprises. Neither do we. We designed [a]VDC to reduce your risk and increase overall transparency so we can avoid those awkward surprises later in the project.

It allows us to cut budget overruns, avoid schedule delays and reduce concerns about material quantity and inflated subcontractor bids. In other words, we’ve cut the uncertainty and frustration right out of the project. Instead, we provide collaboration, great design, efficiency and value. We take this whole redefining architecture thing seriously.

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